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Solid wood Chinese violin outfit 3/4 1/2 and 1/8 sizes only.  Prelude strings, four adjusters.

Solid wood Chinese violin outfit 3/4 1/2 and 1/8 sizes only. Prelude strings, four adjusters.


Solid wood Chinese made violin outfit with ebony fittings, my own import.  In this batch, all sizes except the 1/4 have attractive rosewood fittings (dark brown) with Parisian eyes (the 1/4 has ebony fittings with no eyes).  Pegs, tailpiece (on the 4/4 3/4 and 1/2) and end button all have parisian eyes, you can see them on the pegs if you look closely at one of my own photos but in any case they are the same as on the tailpiece.  And yes the tuning pegs work!

The violin itself is made of solid wood with inlaid purfling and an ebony fingerboard.  It is a dark brown colour with a matt finish and sort of an antiqued aspect (the colour is faded on the edges which is deliberate).  The bridge is basic, as you would expect at this price, but is not too thick and is at a sensible height rather than being too high.

Comes complete with a brazilwood bow and a shaped styrofoam case, plus the standard Chinese tiny block of rosin!

It is the upgrades that make this one a bit special for the price (the upgrades have been fitted by me).  I have fitted Prelude strings and four Wittner adjusters (1/2 size upwards) or a Wittner or Glasser tailpiece (1/4 and 1/8 size - four separate adjusters screwed in to a 1/8 violin are rather a nightmare).  Prelude strings have a list price of £22.41, four Wittner adjusters have list price £10.40 or the Wittner tailpiece £16.42.  So the extras list price is £32.81 or £38.83.  The Prelude strings do make a significant difference to the tone, fitting those is one of the most common upgrades done to student violins.  The strings have a warm and clear sound and really do sound a lot better than factory strings.  

Don't confuse this with the £25 from ebay variety - this costs ME more than £25 before shipping, import duty, the extras, VAT, postage and payment fees.  And yes I do like to make a small profit occasionally!  I would place this one probably between the Primavera 100 and 200 - but don't forget the extras!

There is only one in each size.  Once those are gone I don't know when or even if there will be any more, it depends on the response to these.  I am unable to play more than open strings these days due to severe arthritis in my shoulders and would be very interested to hear teacher feedback on these.  Fear not, if the teacher doesn't like it, you have the absolute right in law to send it back and I will get it collected by Parcelforce at no cost to you. 

About the pictures: the stock pictures come from the maker.  The other pictures show the actual batch I have (the one with the adjusters is the 4/4, it is a lot darker in reality than it appears here.  The one with the Wittner tailpiece is the 1/8)



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