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Superior antiqued Chinese Violin 1/2 size only

Superior antiqued Chinese Violin 1/2 size only


Please note that although the 4/4 and 3/4 are listed, I do not have any of those on the way.  If you want a 4/4 or 3/4 you will be waiting AT LEAST two months.  The only 1/4 size one I have left is used.

I discovered this model in the summer of 2016 and was immediately impressed with it.  Hand made with tonewoods aged for 10 years.  Antiqued finish, hand varnished with  spirit varnish.  The pegs have parisian eyes and so does the tailpiece. 

At first sight I thought that the violin itself was on a par with the Eastman Concertante or Stentor Elysia / Arcadia (but with higher quality varnish).  However having finally heard it played by someone else (I can only do open strings these days due to severely restricted shoulder movement) there is no contest - at least not with the Concertante (it is a long time since I have heard the higher level Stentors).  This violin is MUCH better.  Here is a recording, this was made by a player of around Grade 5-6.  The violin has been fitted with Dominant strings here:


and another one, this is the same violin as the first sound clip.  Recording equipment makes a big difference.

I sold six, eventually.  Two players (and their teachers) rated this violin above the European Professional one at £900 and a third was also most impressed, as was the professional player / teacher I work with.  It was also described by a nationally known soloist as "rather good".  Unfortunately persuading buyers to leave product reviews is rather like getting blood out of a stone so at this stage you can only take my word for the quality of these instruments (but why wouldn't you?  Where do you think the UK demand for Gliga came from?!).  For someone who wants a violin with the brighter and louder tone of a Chinese instrument (as some teachers insist on) this is recommended.  Honestly, it's good.  You would be paying a lot more if it came through the wholesaler route (in fact I think I have identified it for sale from one wholesaler and if I am correct, yes indeed it is a lot more!). 

 Because I really do want to get these instruments known, the price remains well below what you would pay for a violin of this quality that had come through the standard wholesaler route.

This price is for the instrument only but with Dominant strings and four adjusters. 

If you buy one PLEASE do me a favour and review it!

If you buy the 1/2 size please note two things, one positive one negative.  The positive: it has a one piece back.  The negative: it has a long line in the wood on the back which is very noticeable and does spoil the appearance somewhat.  It is not a crack!  It's also more orange than antiqued. The pictures are from last year's batch, except for the actual 1/2 size picture.

The current 1/4 is very attractive antiqued finish with a one piece back.  Pictures are below.

3/4 size



 1/2 size



1/4 size


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Customer Reviews

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