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Used violin outfits 3/4 1/2 1/4 1/8 sizes ex rental from £30 including postage. NOT SOLD OUT!


THESE ARE NOT SOLD OUT.  I just don't want anyone buying them without contacting me first.

About 30 in total so I am not picturing them all!  Stentors, Skylarks, Larks, unnamed ones and cheap brands.  They do have one thing in their favour and that is that because they came from a rental programme, they are all well set up in terms of the bridges (this makes a huge difference).  A few have better quality strings.  The cases are mainly dire and so are some of the bows.  The violins have been used for rental and it shows.

Nevertheless an economical way to start that will in fact be a LOT better than the £25 on ebay outfits because these do actually work!

Price, including postage, from £30 as they are, and if you want to add a new case and / or bow you can do this at cost (trade price).  Why?  Because I have 30 of these and I need to clear them!

Email with details of the size and how much you want to pay.

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