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Zeller violin outfit (Romanian, Stentor) 1/2 size.  Used.

Zeller violin outfit (Romanian, Stentor) 1/2 size. Used.


Romanian violin from Stentor.  Cosmetic damage as shown.  Will be fitted with Prelude strings.  Properly fitted bridge as this came from a specialist shop rental programme.  Hard (woodshell) case which does have staining on the canvas.  Fully haired P&H fibreglass bow.

Stentor's description "Andreas Zeller instruments are made in Romania and are excellent examples of the high standard of workmanship and materials available. The Zeller range has been developed by Stentor over many years to meet the need for a good European-made student outfit, at a moderate price. The result is a Romanian instrument made with correct dimensions and thicknessing that stands out above other instruments from that country. Andreas Zeller instruments are perfect for students who prefer a European-made instrument. This violin offers outstanding quality and tone. It is made from good quality European tonewoods and produces a pleasing, rounded tone. It is fitted with a Wittner tailpiece with integral adjusters. The high standards of Andreas Zeller compare well against other instruments. Zeller instruments are available in a range of sizes. They are recommended by many teachers who prefer a European-made instrument."

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