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Returning to recorder sales

Elizabeth Ward

Well, I never was happy about giving up selling Mollenhauer recorders.  First, they are good.  Second, the instruments aimed at beginners are so good that if it had been a level playing field in terms of advertising, they would surely have been standard issue in all schools for years.  Third, recorder is after all my principle study (I have an LGSM diploma in it) and is the only instrument on which I ever taught to post Grade 8 level and had a student enter a conservatoire.  And I can get Mollenhauer recorders here from Germany in less than a week.

So here is the new deal: only the cheapest Mollenhauers will be stocked regularly.  But I will be very happy to obtain any other Mollenhauer to order.  I can also obtain all Aulos recorders to order.  On any of them, I will undertake to give the best UK price (bear in mind that all my website prices always include UK postage)

I cannot obtain Moeck or Yamaha because of UK dealer restrictions about who can sell those.

If you want to order a recorder from me and you are overseas, the shipping quoted on the website as default will be too high - it's set up for violins.  Just get in touch and I will be very happy to give you a quote.

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