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Coming soon - carbonfibre violins from Glasser

Elizabeth Ward

I was the first UK business to bring in Glasser bows on a commercial basis. Will I be first also to bring in Glasser violins?  I suspect I might be.  We'll see.

I've never tried a carbonfibre violin but I have no reason to suppose it will be anything other than good, judging by Glasser bows.  The description dealers have been given is that these will be student priced outfits.  Well, before getting too excited about that, it is worth remembering that in the USA "student" means up to $1500.  And yes these will be lower priced than that anyway!

I'm getting one of the final prototypes to try (well, try is rather an optimistic term in my case, take to a local player to try would be more realistic) and hope to report back in due course.

Pre-orders are already being taken by Glasser for the first full production run.  The outfit includes   "the industry's first fully set-up carbon composite student instrument featuring Larsen Strings, Planetary Pegs, and a Glasser carbon composite tailpiece with built-in tuners.  Also included: Glasser backpack case, two Glasser bows, a Glasser GTM tuner, and rosin." 

Watch this space for more details.  These will be available for order from Glasser from June 1st.  I have my name on one from the first batch.


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