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Glasser's new "hybrid" bow

Elizabeth Ward

This is a great time to be a Glasser dealer.  The first batch of "hybrid" bows are here now and I expect these to be very popular.  The name is a little confusing, what it means is that there is nylon (it's red in fact) incorporated in with the carbon fibre weave.  This gives the bow red highlights which is attractive in itself but it has a more important function.  It makes the bow more flexible.  Playing one of these for the first time was a very different experience for me.  I usually avoid flexible bows like the plague (or perhaps I should say, I did in the days when I could play) for three reasons.  First, I don't find spiccato difficult so a more flexible bow is of little advantage to me.  Second, I like to draw a strong tone and third, I have always been wary of a flexible wood bow warping.

But this is not wood, and it's not a cheap Chinese composite bow either (those DO warp even though they are not suppose to, I have no idea why).  This is a Glasser and that name is enough to give confidence to anyone with any knowledge of carbon bows.  It has a lifetime guarantee for a start!

Tightening it a bit more than perhaps I normally would, I found it still possible to get a strong tone. There is no fear of it warping, and I have to say that the ease of off the string bowing was rather nice to experience again.  I just wish I could still play!

If there is anyone out there who has so far been put off carbon fibre bows because of their stiffness, try this one.  I can send up to five bows on approval if you are not sure, all you have to do is call me with a card number and then send back whatever you don't keep, which means Royal Mail Special Delivery and is in the region of £10.

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