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A few different items coming in

Elizabeth Ward antique German old stentor strunal

I have acquired (well, to be more precise, I have bid on and won) quite a few instruments from Omega Music which I will be collecting next week and then need to turn around quickly because I have pretty well cleaned myself out.
Stock includes Concertante and Westbury cellos (4/4) and 3/4 and 1/2 Primavera cellos. Plus violins including high level Strunals (3310 and 3370), a couple of antiqued Westburys, a Sinfonica, Stentor Elysia, pink rainbow 3/4 and 1/2, and a few others. All subject to checking obviously. Prices are going to be the lowest in the UK because I need to get my money back quickly and also avoid the wrath of my stock room manager, but I won't be giving them away, I do need to cover my costs including collection cost and VAT, they will all be covered with my standard one year guarantee, and I would rather like to make a bit of profit for my trouble.  In fact being new to timed online auctions I actually ended up paying more for some Gligas than I would have done if I had bought them from Gliga (ooops!).  In any case, all the Gligas will be normal prices, anything else would be cutting my own throat.
Also, very unusually for me, I have acquired two antique violins, German, they sound pretty good as far as my open string bowing can make out, I need to come up with a price for those that will allow me to make a profit but also be significantly less than you would pay at the well known shops.  They do both need some attention from the lovely Sally Robinson who is the repairer I use (she is also a professional player so will be able to give me a good indication of what they are like) but nothing major and when done they will be ready for sale (yes they can go out on approval just like everything else).
Also three more violins which are here but need attention.  I bought them locally as a favour to the seller.  First is an antique full size violin which I thought was quite nice until I spotted the pegbox crack - that has, however, been glued and seems to be completely stable and you can have my normal year's guarantee with it.  It needs to be refitted before it goes out but it won't be expensive, not with that crack!  Second is an old 3/4 student violin, not the Chinese type but matt finish, at a guess mid twentieth century and East European but I am not an expert in that field.  That is going to be refitted and again it will be cheap.  Third, a blue Cathedral violin 3/4 size.  I have the violin only so could sell it that way if anyone is interested but the plan is to get a coloured bow and case to go with it.  The bottom line is that with those three I am only looking to cover my costs which were not very high, but remember I am still obliged to charge VAT and the repairs etc will cost something.
Finally, I have six 4/4 Romanian violins on order from a small maker in Reghin who specialises in tonewoods.  Pricing will be between the Gems 1 and the Gama and they are expected here sometime in June.
Advance expressions of interest are welcome. 

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