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Provisional list of items coming in soon

Elizabeth Ward

This is apart from my regular stock.  All items are new and the list is subject to checking.  Guide prices are shown where I could find them. I will be slightly below the lowest available UK prices in most cases (certainly well below the list price) and if I am not there will be a reason for it to do with strings or set up.  Bear in mind also that if you buy from outside the EU you pay VAT and duty on the full cost when importing, including shipping, so US prices always look a lot lower than they actually are!

Expressions of interest are welcome.  These will be here on Thursday June 7th but obviously checking them will take a couple of days.  I am listing them now because at this time of year if you want to get an instrument on approval or through the AIPS scheme you need to be quick - I cannot allow instruments out on approval for the entire summer and I cannot reverse a sale to apply AIPS in hindsight.  If a school is involved you need to have it all sorted out before the end of term.

Full size

Gewa La Passione outfit (shaped case) £293 rect case Thomann
Gewa Allegro instrument only outfit price £258 G4M
Stentor Elysia OPB instrument only list £535
Ideale LEFT HANDED instrument only
Paganini 2 instrument only (I think this is a Strunal)
Sinfonica instrument only (sits above Concertane)
Strunal 175W (ebony Parisian) instrument only $480
Strunal 220 instrument only $320 outfit
Strunal 14W instrument only £174
Strunal 25W instrument only £446 outfit australia
Strunal 22W instrument only £112 ukraine
Strunal S3310 concert violin ebony fittings instrument only was £886 at Omega - several of these available
Strunal 3310 concert violin boxwood fittings slight varnish damage instrument only
Strunal 3370 instrument only US $1300 outfit
Concertante instrument only list £430
Westbury antiqued outfit list £420
Stingl AS160 outfit £199 ebay
Westbury instrument only list £300 outfit
Strunal 260 instrument only $370 outfit
Paganini student gloss instrument only (I think this is a Strunal)
Forenza outfit normans £98 (reserved)
Intermusic student outfit £65

Violin with decorative carving round the top edges.  I know nothing about this one at all until I see it.

small sizes

¾ Concertante instrument only £430
¾ Westbury antiqued outfit list £420
¾ Fantasia pink outfit list £135
¾ Primavera 200 outfit list £184
¾ Strunal 260 instrument only $370 outfit
½ Stentor Graduate outfit £190 G4M
½ Fantasia pink outfit list £135
½ Leonardo outfit €99 Ireland
1/16 Mayflower outfit (list £112 Primavera 90 which replaced it)


Westbury 4/4 instrument only list £1274 - two available
Concertante 4/4 instrument only list £1450
Primavera ¾  list £670
Primavera ½  list £610

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