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Elizabeth Ward

Google adwords is as fascinating as it is expensive. Over the last few days I have had four people call me all of whom were looking for a particular violin shop, and they called me thinking I was that shop. Sounds good but at least two of them particularly wanted to go to a bricks and mortar shop, and fair enough, that's customer choice. I tried to replicate the search and so did several other people and none of us could find what was causing it - until now.

And this won't happen all the time either, only intermittently unless one has vast amounts to spend on adwords. Of course it would be much better if we could all return to the days before adwords where everything just went on the actual website, but that isn't about to happen!

The question of why someone looking for a local shop would click on a shop a couple of hundred miles away is an interesting one. I can only assume that those concerned did not look at the map. But anyway, this is what comes up:

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