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Elizabeth Ward

The single maker Chinese violins have been ordered and will be here very soon.  The first one was so well received (if only people would leave reviews!) that I asked for more.  But there are only two.  Book yours now!  Approval is fine.

Also I am giving another chance to a maker I first dealt with over a year ago.  He runs a very small workshop in Romania and his main business if in the sale of tonewoods.  The last two I got were nice in terms of the wood but I did have to get them set up here and that meant I could not make any profit.  However this time he has given me a better price, and I hope I might have made my point about set up.  

By the way, did you know that if a violin comes from Romania (or anywhere else, obviously) unfitted, and therefore it cannot be played as a violin as it is, and it is fitted up in the UK you can legally describe it as made in the UK?  Well, yes, that is the way it is.  Have a look at

These violins are spirit varnished, hand made of solid woods and with ebony fittings of course, the wood aged 8 years.  Last time I rated them, tone wise, between the Gliga Gems and Gama.

I only have six coming and they might need setting up.  I don't know until I see them.  They will probably be here in a couple of weeks.  If you are interested in trying one, you can put your name on one by getting in touch.

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