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"Am I in time to get a Gliga for Christmas?"

Elizabeth Ward

The short answer is, probably (as at November 3rd), but I am absolutely not prepared to guarantee it.  I can tell you that the longer you leave it, the lower your chances will be!

The longer answer: as I say here over and over again, Gliga demand far exceeds supply and it is next to impossible to get any accurate information about delivery times until they actually send the goods.  I am now quoting two months as standard, it can certainly be three months for a left handed instrument.  It may not be that long but there is absolutely no way I can tell you that in advance.  Gliga seem to go through each retailer's order in turn and then send whatever they have ready that is on that order.  The US gets priority because those orders go by the container load and container ships have a fixed departure date.

There is nothing whatsoever that I can do about this situation and it remains a mystery to me why people seem to take offence at it.  I do not own Gliga!  If you are not prepared to order two months in advance, or to order what is in stock as soon as it is in stock, then either find another shop that has the item you want (if you can) or order it from the USA (bear in mind that you need to add 20% VAT on the full amount including shipping, import duty, and the carrier's fee, and if you don't like it you send it back at your own expense.  But you might get it quicker). Or do what you would almost certainly end up doing anyway and just look at something else (I do sell other things, you don't have to go to a different shop to find them, often I have the best prices.  And if you don't like what you buy you can exchange it for a Gliga just as soon as I have stock.  What other retailer is going to offer you that?)

No I don't like this situation, but short of an influx of enough money to get way ahead (not easy, apart from anything else predicting demand is not easy and stockroom space is limited) there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.  Thank you for understanding.




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