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Gliga order update

Elizabeth Ward

Most (but not all, alas) of my Gliga order is on its way to the delivery depot and should be here in time for me to start getting things sent out on Wednesday.

Some items are still not on the way and please believe me it is not for want of trying - don't shoot the messenger!

Spare items (i.e. on the way but not yet allocated) subject to checking:

4/4 Gama antiqued

2 x 4/4 Gems 1

and that's it!  In stock other than those I have a 4/4 Gama super, 4/4 Genial 2,14 inch Genial 1 viola, 3/4 violins in Genial 1 and Gems 2, a special antiqued 4/4 Gems 1, a very lightly used (indistinguishable from new) 4/4 Genial 1, two used 3/4 Gems 2s, a used 1/4 Gems 1 and a used 1/8 Genial 1

As I keep saying, if it has to be a Gliga PLEASE allow plenty of time.   It is no use taking three months to decide and then wanting it immediately: unless it happens to be in stock you won't get it.  Alternatively, try something else - if you don't like it you have the right of return and it costs you nothing and you can even have it on approval if you like.  Some people have been waiting more then three months this time (admittedly for left handed instruments but even some of the right handed ones have been two months).  Or buy from America but bear in mind that if you choose to do that you will pay VAT and duty on the full price including the shipping fee and the carrier will also add a customs clearance charge.

 This is outside my control.  If I could change it, believe me I would!


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