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Black Friday. Sigh.

Elizabeth Ward

I really didn't want to do this but needs must, alas.  So yes there are some instruments reduced.  No I will not hold those prices for AIPS or for approvals (but your right of return applies of course).  Yes I will be putting the prices back up on Wednesday November 28th.  Please note that in all but two cases, there is only one of every reduced price instrument, and not all are available in all sizes at these prices.  Many are items I do not sell regularly, some I have just had in stock for too long.  If you miss them, you miss them.  They are all new and perfect unless otherwise stated.

No I am not reducing Gligas.  It makes no sense to reduce items that I can't get!  There are some Gligas in stock.  They will not be reduced.  They will be going up in January because as expected, Gliga are raising their prices by 10% in January.  I will hold current prices until Gliga close for Christmas which is usually a couple of weeks before Christmas.  After that, Gliga will be charging the new prices and so will I.

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