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Elizabeth Ward

So Black Friday is over (and no it was not remotely worth doing, next year I should just stick to my decision rather than wasting lots of time) and the next thing is of course Christmas.

I can get in stock items out very quickly, that is never the problem. Unfortunately customers never seem to want what I've actually got.  Perhaps the lack of it makes it more desirable?  If you want a Gliga and it is not in stock, the chances of you getting it in time are frankly rather slim.  I do have another order coming but Gliga never ever tell me when they are sending it until they actually send it, and it only contains items already ordered plus some very standard items. If you do want a Gliga then by all means try but I am absolutely not guaranteeing Christmas delivery.  The standard Gliga lead time is now two months. Three months for anything left handed.  I keep saying this but unfortunately the message does not seem to get through.  There is nothing I can do about it and I expect this to be the situation for the forseeable future.  You can try the US dealer, he is much bigger than I am.  Just bear in mind that you will pay VAT on the full cost including shipping, plus import duty and a clearance fee set by the courier, and your goods will not be released until it is paid and you can expect them to be stuck in customs for a week at normal times of the year.

Or you could do what you would do if you went to any other shop and simply buy something else.  If you don't like it, it can be changed for a Gliga as soon as I have stock, and as long as you tell me quickly, that can be done at no further cost to you (that is called customer service). 

I do still have a very few Gligas in stock.  Very few.  When they are gone, they are gone, but you can check to see if I happen to have what you want.

Yes I know you want the teacher to approve your purchase.  And I know you won't be seeing the teacher over Christmas.  So yes I do extend the normal returns period.  You can return Christmas items up to January 18th (please make contact before returning something, it makes life easier!)

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