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End of term deadlines

Elizabeth Ward

If you are buying for a school pupil and want the teacher too see the instrument, or want to use the AIPS scheme, please read on.

I cannot allow instruments to be out on approval over the summer holidays or hold items over the summer waiting for a school order through AIPS.  Please check the last lesson date (if applicable) and work back from the end of term allowing for the following:

1. If you want a Gliga that I don't have in stock, you need to act NOW if not sooner - even then you may be too late.  Gliga are taking up to six weeks!

2. If you want items on AIPS, the order from the school needs to be with me in time for the instrument to be posted to the school before the end of term.  The rules say that instruments purchased through AIPS must be handed over on school premises so it cannot be done during the holidays.  The school will required you to pay first and will not send the order to me until they have received cleared payment (and even then you will need to allow a few days) so again, if you want to order through AIPS, you need to act very soon.

3. If you want items on approval and the lessons stop at the end of term, you need to have the items with you before the last lesson.  Please allow me a few days just in case I am out of stock of strings etc.  I must have unpurchased items returned before you go on holiday.

Thank you for your co-operation.  If you think you are already too late (for example because you want a Gliga I don't have in stock but also want it on approval, or because you are in an area where term ends earlier than most), don't worry too much, just place an order.  I always extend summer holiday returns until the end of September so you need not worry about being unable to return something rejected by the teacher.  I just can't cope with the cash flow implications of items being out without being paid for for weeks on end.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

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