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Why I am no longer selling Coda bows

Elizabeth Ward

Unfortunately the UK wholesaler who distributes Coda bows has changed policy and is now giving only a very tiny margin to anyone who is not a main dealer.  In fact because at the moment I am on the flat rate VAT scheme, which means that I cannot reclaim VAT, right now some of the coda bows would cost me exactly the same, to the penny, as the cost to the end user before VAT.  Since everything I supply is post free, that would mean taking a loss.  Stuff that!

So, if you have your heart set on a Coda bow, thank you for visiting my website but I can;t supply them any more.  If you are open to suggestions then please consider the Glasser braided bows instead.  They are still made in the USA, they are cheaper, and there is a good chance you might even prefer them!

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