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Gliga orders update

Elizabeth Ward

The bad news: the delays are getting longer and the way it used to work (Gliga dealing with each retailer's order in turn) does not now seem to be operating.  Once again, if you want a Gliga please allow plenty of time.  Especially if it is a left handed instrument.

Gliga have told me that the following items will be sent to me next week:

Gama special antiqued violin (spoken for)

2 x 1/2 size Genial 1 violins (spoken for)

2 x 4/4 antiqued Gliga Gama violins (available to order)

2 x 4/4 Gems 1 violins (available to order) 

4/4 left handed Gems 1 violin (available to order)

4/4 left handed Gamas (number unspecified but all are booked)

All this is subject to them actually arriving and subject to checking, but that is what I expect to get at the moment.  In stock here now I have: 

3/4 Genial 1 violin

3/4 Gems 2 violin

4/4 Genial 2 violin

4/4 Gems 2 violin

4/4 Genial 1 violin unused condition but dated 2010

4/4 Gama super violin

14 inch Genial 1 viola

used 13 inch Gems 1 viola, used 1/4 size Gems 1 violin, used 1/8 size Genial 1 violin

and that's it.

Don't shoot the messenger - if there was any way on earth I could be speeding this up, believe me I would be doing it!!  This is what happens when demand exceeds supply.  As I keep saying, if you can't wait, check my other items.  You could try ordering from America but if you do, remember that you need to add 23.5% (for VAT plus duty) to the total price including shipping, plus the carrier clearance fee, and that the mid exchange rate that it quoted is not what you actually get. 

Yes of course I have asked Gliga for any indication of when I might receive the rest of my order.  Should I get any updates, they will go straight up on the news page.



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