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News, September 26th 2018

Elizabeth Ward

1. For those waiting for Gliga orders, the latest I have from Gliga (this morning) is that they will be able to tell me tomorrow what they will be able to send me quickly.  I will update on the news as soon as I have any more information.

2. Following on from that, ridiculous as it sounds, if you want a Gliga for Christmas please get it ordered NOW.  Seriously.  After half term, all Gliga bets are off.

3. There are price reductions on the store that WILL end on Monday morning - when I get up, I will start putting the prices back to normal.  No, Gliga prices are not going to be reduced!  Some of these are at the lowest prices in the UK so it is a bit of a mystery why they are not selling.

4. The Gliga and Gama package upgrades are down to the last very few.  Until the very very slow boat from China arrives (which at the present rate of progress could be January!) there will be no more once they have gone and I will be back to the standard package.

5. Have you ever wanted to choose your own violin varnish colour, pegs, tailpiece and set up, at a much lower price than any individually made instrument you could commission in the UK?  Well, if so, you might be about to get the opportunity to do exactly that.  4/4 spirit varnish, four strings, right handed only, well flamed wood (mostly maple but one is poplar) aged at least ten years, European made in the white but everything else done in England including the varnishing and the fingerboard.  Can be done in time for Christmas, probably in time for early November.  There are only twelve available and they will all be done individually.  £1000 each.  You will need to make contact in person for this and it will be payment with order but with the right of return.  No the maker is not Gliga!


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