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Gliga stock update

Elizabeth Ward

All Gligas currently ordered are on the way to me, with the exception of Genial 2s and Guarneri Gamas.

There will be a few items unallocated; at present:

4/4 - Gama (2),  Gems 1 (1) and Gems 2 (1)

3/4 - Gems 1 (1), Genial 1 (1)

1/2 - Gems 2 (1), Genial 1 (1)

If you want one of those quickly, now is the time to order.  If you want a Gliga for Christmas, it is not too early to order.  Last year and the year before late Christmas orders did not arrive in time.  Gliga are taking AT LEAST a month now.

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