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Temporary contact details

Elizabeth Ward

Due to a spectacular display of incompetence by Virgin Media (whom I will now thoroughly unrecommend!) AND AND AND even (if it affects anyone) are ALL down for up to 30 DAYS!!  This is due to someone having messed up the transfer of my late husband's account in January 2016 and then again in April 2016.

Impressive isn't it.  Large businesses do not equal great customer service!

In the meantime, I have (I think) dragged up a gmail account that works.  Use that please.  In fact if you see this and don't want to talk to me just send me an email anyway, that way I will know it's working which would be useful!

Other contact methods are as before - messages sent through this website get to me through Facebook and that works.  Or go to my facebook page.  Or phone.  Or text.

I do want to talk to you!  (starts singing "lonely I'm so lonely!")

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