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Gliga update

Elizabeth Ward

Gliga told me on Friday (December 14th) that they were sending the items they have by post that day.  I have no tracking details yet.

For next year, following a significant Gliga price increase, I am making some changes to Gems and Genial outfits.  This is an attempt to avoid price increases on the Genial and to make more of a distinction between the Gems 1 and Gems 2 violin outfits.

Genials will now be supplied with Prelude strings rather than Dominants, and with a Hidersine Junior rosin for the violin and viola.

The Gems 1 violin will be supplied with a rectangular styrofoam case and a better bow.  The Gems 2 will have a shaped case and, usually, a bow that is better than the one supplied with the Genial but not as good as that supplied with the Gems 1.

Existing orders (ordered before December 15th) will of course be supplied as previously.

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