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Gliga Christmas update December 11th 2018

Elizabeth Ward

Most, but not all, of the items ordered in good time will be delivered before Christmas.  "In good time" means before the end of October.  I am in the process of contacting those who have ordered but if I have not yet contacted you then do feel free to contact me.  It may be quite close to Christmas so if you are going away please tell me where you will be.

I also expect to have the following which are not yet allocated: 4/4 Gama (2 of), Gems 1 and Gems 2 (2 of each), 1/2 Gems 1 and Gems 2, as well as the 4/4 Gama super, 4/4 special antiqued Gems 1, 4/4 Genial 1, 4/4 Genial 2, 3/4 Gems 2, 3/4 Genial 1 and 14 inch Genial 1 viola which are already here in stock.

For the ones that will not be in time and were ordered in good time, I am now trying to see if I can do something about it.

Just to remind anyone still thinking about it, Gliga prices WILL be going up on December 15th.  And PLEASE note that you now need to allow TWO MONTHS for anything I do not have in stock.  Three months for anything left handed.  There is nothing I can do to change this.  If I could, believe me I would!

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