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How not to sell on ebay

Elizabeth Ward

Ebay listing for a Zeller violin, an auction starting at 99p. So I thought it might be of interest if the price remained low enough.
Violin listed as new and described as brand new (in non-original case) but actually dated inside the violin October 2004.
From the pictures it looked as if there might be varnish cracks on the ribs but lighting of course can play tricks. The seller says strictly no returns so I thought I would ask him whether there were varnish cracks.
First reply from him "It's a brand new violin why would it have cracks ..."
My reply "Well it is dated 2004 so hardly brand new!" (now to be fair it is, I suppose, just possible that no-one has played it in the past 13 years, but if that were the case you would normally expect to find it in its original case)
His reply "I think you need to go to spec savers "
My reply "Lol! Varnish cracks in nitro varnish can easily occur in storage. Especially storage lasting 13 years .... I rather doubt if I will be the only one asking you that question. I shall watch your auction with interest."
His final comment "The always one stupid cow"
Don't think i will be bidding somehow but I will certainly be watching!

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