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School holidays - orders and returns

Elizabeth Ward

I love having happy customers and never want to have an unhappy customer.

IN LAW you have the absolute right to return any item purchased online from a business (with obvious exceptions such as computer software) within 14 days.  If it's faulty, you have the right IN LAW to return it free of charge.  Note that this doesn't apply to private sellers on ebay.

People often ask me if they can return the instrument if the teacher does not approve.  Of course you can, THE LAW says so!

In practice I have only ever once refused a return and that was after three months when the buyer had found herself unable to sell the violas she bought.  She was trying to sell them under a vastly inflated description at an inflated price on ebay, at the same time as telling me they had never been played and only the sizes were wrong (my suspicions were aroused when, having told me that the teacher loved the tone, she was not willing to accept a straight exchange for the correct sizes).  I do not like people who try to make out that something is more than it really is.  Gliga violas are wonderful but they are not made in England and frankly you would not use a Gliga Gems for playing performance diploma level pieces, those were the claims being made and I saw red.

Now, the summer holidays are almost upon us and many parents will be thinking of buying but concerned that if they buy now their statutory right of return will have expired before the next lesson.  That will often be true at this time of the year BUT this is Liz Ward you are dealing with and I only want happy customers.

If you take the instrument or bow to the teacher in September and she tells you it's the wrong size or not good enough, just get in touch.  I am extending the returns period until the end of September, and returns are free anyway as long as you can arrange a time and place for Parcelforce to collect.

No-one beats me for customer service.

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