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New Master level Chinese violin

Elizabeth Ward

Coming from the maker of the £800 single maker Chinese violin which has been so well received by advanced players, and the Chinese pernambuco and carbon with pernambuco veneer bows, this violin is £1600. 

It is made by the master luthier of the company concerned, from wood aged more than 15 years.  It has a one piece back and a powerful sound.

This is a violin intended for an advanced player.

It is not quite ready to send yet because as usual with this soft Chinese spirit varnish, it sustained varnish damage in transit (unfortunately it was travelling during the heatwave), so it needs to go to a luthier before it can be sold.  However if anyone wants to try it first as it is, then as long as you understand that what you see is not going to be what you get (though the sound will be the same), feel free to ask.

I have only one, when it's gone there will be no more for probably two or three months.  From now on I will only be ordering these during the winter months to avoid this problem happening again.

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