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Ebay scam

Elizabeth Ward Amazon bow Dorfler ebay

There is a relatively clever scam on ebay at the moment. A violin bow for £38.95 (bear in mind that this includes ebay and paypal fees and postage) that claims to be made in Germany and is described as a W. Doerfler pernambuco bow.   Here is why it is clever: there is indeed a very well known German bow making company called Dörfler. The umlaut in German represents an E and it is common for English transcriptions of words with an umlaut to use an E rather than hunting around for the German character on the keyboard. Commonly with...

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Amazon again.

Elizabeth Ward Amazon

A Facebook flashback to last year, where I announced that I had found a Primavera 100 cello on Amazon (new, sold by Amazon) for little more than a third of the trade price, popped into my feed this morning.  Unsurprisingly, I bought it.  In fact I had a few buys like that last year but that one was by far the best.  There was another as good but that never ever arrived, it got lost by the courier (you would think a cello is too big to lose, apparently not) and since the courier had no interest at all in...

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