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The slow boat from China leaves next week!

Elizabeth Ward

Yes it is slow, it's a month at sea and probably two weeks after it docks for the goods to actually reach me.  Perhaps this is just as well because I have not yet dared tell my stock room and packing person that I have ten boxes arriving when right now there is a cello sitting on the landing because it can't easily be fitted into the stock room (quite what is in there is a mystery to me, whever I open the door I close it again very quickly indeed!

Expected: two 4/4 cello samples, one corresponding to the solid woods violin outfit, the other to the superior antiqued violin.

3/4 and 1/4 size superior antiqued violins

Two more of the European tonewoods violins (4/4)

Some really lovely cases for 4/4 violin 

Chinese pernambuco violin bows sizes down to 1/4 and also a couple of viola bows.  Plus some of the better pernambuco bows and the veneer carbon bows.

Enough bows to upgrade the Genial violin outfits down to 1/16 size

Enough rectangular cases to upgrade the Gems violin outfits down to 1/8 size.

And finally, a batch of Fom shoulder rests.


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