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Various pieces of news

Elizabeth Ward

1. I am now VAT registered.  Yes this means that some prices have gone up.  But for those of you with children in Local Authority schools, or for those outside the EEA, the prices will in effect have gone down because now you can get instruments and bows and cases without the VAT.  For the way this works with schools, see the AIPS page.

If you are ordering through AIPS, or if you are outside the EEA and don't want to pay VAT(!) you will need to contact me directly, you can't arrange this through the website.

2.  Tian Yin bows are here now which means that, while stocks last, Gems violins and Gems violas 14 inches or above will be supplied with the upgraded bow (which I sell separately for £70) at no extra cost.  In fact I also still have upgraded 3/4 cello bows in case anyone is looking for a 3/4 Gliga cello.

3.  A small number of Gliga Gama and Gems violins 4/4 and Genial 1 3/4, and also a 15 inch Maestro viola, are on their way right now and are not yet allocated.  Buy now if you want one!

4.  New arrangements with Glasser and Tian Yin mean that these bows will now be obtainable in a reasonable time frame (though you will still have to allow three weeks, and for Tian Yin you also need to check availability with me first) and I will be able to keep a few more in stock.

5.  Coming very soon: the solid wood Chinese violin outfits will be here within a week.  Only one each at this stage, sizes 4/4 to 1/8 (but not including 7/8).  These will be upgraded with Prelude strings and Wittner tailpieces which will make them a much better buy than anything else you are likely to find at the price.

6. Advance notice for cellists: a used 1/2 size Gliga Gems 1 cello is expected here within the next month.  If you want to be given first option on it, get in touch.   I can't give a definite price until I have seen it but I do offer relatively generous trade-ins and need to cover my costs, so it won't be ebay prices, but of course you do get my guarantee.

7. More advance notice for cellists: one each (only) of 4/4 cellos corresponding to the solid wood violin outfit and the superior Chinese violin are being prepared for me to be shipped by sea.  Don't hold your breath, but if you can wait perhaps 2-3 months you might consider these.  Let me know if you want first option when they are here.  Prices are likely to be £450 (outfit upgraded with Prelude strings and Wittner tailpiece) and £800 (instrument only with Jargar strings and Wittner tailpiece)

8. Advance notice for case buyers: very beautiful styrofoam violin cases are being prepared for me to be sent by sea, lead time from now perhaps 2-3 months. Worth bearing in mind for an upcoming birthday peraps?  Price is £110 (4/4 violin only)



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