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Why you need to order RIGHT NOW if you want a Gliga before the end of term.

Elizabeth Ward approval Gliga

This message doesn't seem to be getting through and I have no idea why.  My stocks even of full size Gligas are very limited.  My stocks of smaller sizes are even lower, typically only one each of 3/4 and 1/2 size violins and only Genial 1 to Gems 1 (many Gliga stockists in the UK don't seem to stock these sizes at all).

There are two reasons for this which I have explained many times (see previous posts).  1. Demand for Gliga far outstrips supply so there is a lead time of about a month and orders are made on a strict rota basis for each retailer and 2. As a very small retailer I cannot order in items that are likely to be here unsold for months (which includes all violins below 1/2 size, all violas cellos and basses, all 7/8 size violins, all Gamas below 4/4, all violins above Gama level and all Genovas and Glorias - many Gliga sellers in the UK don't even offer these).

ORDERING NOW DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHT OF RETURN.  But I cannot allow goods to go out on approval over the summer holidays or to be returned in September after you have had them for two months.

It is no use waiting for the item you want to come into stock if it is not one I normally stock.  If no-one orders it, I won't be ordering it.  Once again, THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHT OF RETURN.  It is about time here on the shelves, nothing else.

I do hope this is clear, I wish it were otherwise but it isn't and won't be for the forseeable future as Gligas are only getting more and more popular.

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